The history of bread with a forest fragrance: Pancor


And that of the bread that smells of the forest is one of them. The author is a shy, simple character: if you see him with a pannier, equipped with a shovel, climbing nimbly up the high mountain paths, you would never say that he is a chef and instead Stefano Basello is the chef of the famous Fogolar 1905 in Udine, the restaurant of the hotel Là di Moret, an establishment in Udine.

The idea came to him in October 2018 when the fury of storm Vaia hit Carnia and Sappada, destroying thousands of hectares of forest – over 1% of the entire regional forest area – with over one million cubic metres of timber on the ground. Like everyone else, Stefano was deeply troubled by the tragedy and the strong and poignant bond with his territory meant that he took immediate action to preserve and, in a certain sense, revive the beauty of these places and the essence of the trees devastated by the fury of rain and wind. With the help of his team he sets to work and recovers the bark of the white and red firs, extracts the edible parts and obtains a sort of flour to be used to make bread that is not only good and crunchy, but able to give new life to a place and to the nature that surrounds it.

A simple story, which like in a fairy tale of yesteryear, reaches Swan Bergman, a well-known Bolognese director who has directed many of Vasco Rossi’s live tours. To Stefano and the whole Friulian community Bergman dedicates and donates an extraordinary documentary “Pancor – Il pane che viene dal cuore” (Pancor – The bread that comes from the heart) which, through the power of words and images, goes straight to the heart inviting us, perhaps, to listen to nature again, with a new spirit. That of Stefano.

“Solidarity, helping each other not to lose traditions and ways of making good products that are in danger of disappearing…they become the territory again, they redesign the system of how to feel good”.

“What you will see in this film is a world that is already better, it is a world that exists, it is concrete and it is made of real people who have created a kind of magic in the place where they live”. Swan Bergman

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