Our mission

“Stories of silent beauty”

There is a special land to the east of Italy, Friuli Venezia Giulia, a “small compendium of the universe” as defined by the writer and poet Ippolito Nievo who wanted to describe its immense variety of nuances, landscape, language and culture. A land that for thousands of years has been a crossroads of different peoples and cultures and for this reason is inclined to be contaminated by what is different: lakes, rivers, sea and mountains, cultures, traditions, sounds, languages, a wonderful and precious weave of knowledge, sharing a strong sense of belonging and a great responsibility towards work, fatigue, sweat and sacrifice.

The people of Friuli are like this: they look ahead, despite everything, with modesty and tenacity, getting up before any difficulty, strong in their roots and knowledge. This webmagazine is dedicated to these people and to all those demanding travellers who are not satisfied with postcards and glossy itineraries, who are not in a hurry to discover everything and immediately, but, with a slow pace and careful look, go in search of the soul of a land. This is how our stories are born.

Portraits of places, people, faces, flavours, that in the shadow of houses, shops, small villages and little known natural environments, every day, tell us about a territory with a thousand faces, inhabited by an industrious, independent, reserved people.

These are stories of “silent beauty” and of people – craftsmen, intellectuals, farmers, musicians, artists – who carry out their work with passion in the quietness of their everyday life, nurturing every day the balance between their work and the place where they live, keeping tradition alive and often innovating, preserving and enhancing the uncontaminated beauty of the territory’s environment..

In this space you will find stories of excursions and off-route routes, of craftsmen and know-how, of art and culture, of flavours and gastronomic traditions, of biodiversity and organic farming, of memory and perspective. Small and large testimonies of life, often unconventional, united by respect for ethical, social and environmental values and with the hope of nourishing connections and meaningful relationships between people.

We’d like Showmefvg’s stories to be deeper and longer-lasting than what we see today on the social media, because, we are convinced, after all they contribute to a better life. They are like little survival manuals, memories for writers and inspiration for readers.

Good reading and…good discovery of Friuli Venezia Giulia!


Barbara e Paola